• shahaditi729


I watched you disappear

Like water seeping from my hands.

I felt your touch withering,

Turning to smoke.

Your scent, expunged


Higher and higher.

I tried; I swear.

But your flavours were too far

And my hands too little

To reach into my imagination

And claw them back

to reality.

Your lips, too silky

For mine to grasp.

Your eyes, an ocean of treasures

Too deep for just my thoughts to explore.

I tugged a loose thread today

Said your name

Out loud.

It didn’t ring on my lips

Twitching them into a smile

It didn’t crinkle my eyes

Or saturate my senses.

Or halt the shaking

Or the pool of tears

Or the crimson blurring my vision.

Maybe I’m done with you.

Maybe I’m done with me.


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