• shahaditi729

Golden Bangles

Golden bangles clinked

On the road snowbound.


Her love newfound.

Drowning corners with its overpowering hue

With a smile so bright

The skies wept tears, a long overdue.

But then there was so sharp a cry

That pierced through the December sky.

The incessant rains nearly halted

As his devouring eyes and lips exalted.

Her scream sliced through the winter frost

But in moments, the last of it was lost

As a thousand thoughts in her mind were crossed

And her cotton sari held her mouth exhaust.

She pushed at him

With the ferocity of a seedling

Slicing open its ground.

But mercy

For her untiring spring was

Nowhere to be found.

His salacious eyes crawled relentlessly

Ignoring, unfeeling, many a silent plea.

And as the striking crowbar began to recur

Silent tears wiped her undying valour

Leaving her thoughts, a mere blur.

Foisting himself onto her

He expended her to the brim

His vehement body exploring hers

In the blue lights of the alley dim.

And once her innocence had been peeled apart

Down by the floor lay twenty-four golden bangles

Glimmering like glitter, on the newly-wed’s mangles

Broken and strewn like her golden heart.

For now she knew

It was a sin to be a woman in this country

In this country where man is society.

For the world today, is a host of filth

And each of us must live with this guilt.


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