• shahaditi729

Remember Me

I saw her every morning

As she boarded the bus

With a hop skip and jump.

Looking like she just got out of bed

With her messy locks framing her head,

And her smile so contagious

It would lurk in the shadows of my storm

And ambush my square corner with a single silver thread.

But I was the eye of my storm

Invisible to the girl who had it all.

Surrounded by doting eyes and caring hands

She was a dream from faraway lands.

I asked my mother about her one night

And she told long tales

From when we were kids at play

I thought of approaching her

But what would I say?

The next morning in the bus

Her smile faltered

And I wondered

If something was astray

But what would I know?

For the hands around her did not notice

The darkness in her eyes at play.

But I found a box that night

Filled with unblinking smiles on photographs

One decade old. With insolent titles

In scrawny fonts.

I took one with me the very next day.

But cold and lonely her seat lay

I clutched onto our smiles

For I believed

Someday she would know

what I had to say.

But at the very last stop

Boarded a kin of some sort

And he gave me two smiles

Identical to those which I clutched tightly

In the palm of my hand.

“I don’t know if you remember me.”

The news knocked on my doorstep that afternoon

And something deep inside me wept

All night

And cursed that she couldn’t win her fight

Then clad in black at the break of dawn

I pushed gently, the handle of her door

Ready to get to know her once more.


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